Failed while running portal caused by a task was cancelled - while trying to build cube using UiPath Insights Admin tool

Failed while running portal caused by a task was canceled - while trying to build cube using the UiPath Insights Admin tool.

  1. Log into Insights website using the UiPath Insights admin email address and password.
  2. Go to https//insightsservername/app/test and check if all the services are running.
  3. One of the causes of the error is query proxy service will not be running.
  4. Query Proxy service is responsible for internal communication between crucial components which are IIS (w3wp.exe) and Sisense.ECMS
  5. Try browsing HTTP://localhost:14996/paths and check if there is a response. One possibility could be it prompts to enter username and password which is not supported.
  6. Check the authentication in IIS Server for Sisense.web site and ensure "Windows Authentication " is disabled while "Anonymous Authentication " is enabled.
  7. With the right authentication, Proxy Service will run without any issues and it will also allow communication with ECMS service which will allow cube build.

I am having the same issue but unable to resolve it. My auth setting in iis look fine. Is there anything else I can look at to troubleshoot?

Hi Sean,

Did you also take a look at the troubleshooting docs found here: Troubleshooting
Also, are all the services up and running (found in step 2)?
Lastly, did you also try restarting IIS as well?