Failed to use "append to collection" to implement "Hashset"

Dear Support

We used to implement “Hashset” by"add to collection",but after Oct 2022, there is not add to collection, then we try to use “append to collection”, but failed to remove duplicated, please kindly help, thanks!
Workdate List=new List(Of String) From{“20210101”,“20210102”,“20210102”,“20210103”}

Hi @liyang51999

Did you try using WorkSetList.Distinct. That should remove all duplicates and give you the distinct values


You aren’t using the activity correctly, although it is badly designed (I dunno why it takes an iCollection<Object> rather than an iCollection or iCollection<T> as it creates issues with certain collection types right now).

The application care is also confusing because the ‘Collection’ property is an in only, you need to use the ‘Result’ property to get the collection back out with the added item(s).
It should just be an in/out property. I have skipped it completely and continued to use Invoke Method to add values to a collection.

Thanks for your help, it is really different with"add to collection",I will use other ways to implement the function. :sweat_smile:

I have successfully implement to remove the duplicate by invoke method ,thank you very much


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Glad it helped.

I edited my post cause it turns out it removed changed all my iCollection instances to remove the type variable I put it. I need to use more code tags I guess.

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