Failed to send outlook mail

I have facing problem with my outlook mail when I am sending mails. At first I thought it was some kind of network issue but when I check it it wasn’t the network issue, it something else. Every time just showing me the same thing that your outlook 365 search not working. I want a proper solution for the problem.


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If you want to use Outlook activities then make sure Outlook application should be installed in that machine and also it should be online at the time of running BOT.

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As the problem is about your Outlook I think, if you kindly consult with the IT Department of your organisation, will be better. They can give the best solution.

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As @lakshman , @apurba2samanta suggested

Make sure you have outlook installed and configured properly, test it manually by sending a sample mail.

If that is blocking means you need to contact the IT department in your organization.


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