Failed to run process with connection from UiPath Assistant

Hi everyone,

Today, I got an error with the current connection cannot be configured.
I sure that update latest Mail package and the connection in Orchestrator is success.
Anyone have idea to fix this problem?

Best regards,
Chinh Le

Hi @Chinh_Le ,

Please go through the below link that may help to you.

Nagaraj Naik

hi @Nagaraj_Jatti_Naik ,

It 's not working.
I used Integration Service of Orchestrator

Hi @Chinh_Le

To resolve this issue, you can try the following steps:

  1. Check your user account permissions: Verify that your user account has the appropriate permissions to perform the actions you are trying to take in UiPath. Your IT department should be able to help you with this.
  2. Log in as a different user: If you have access to multiple user accounts in UiPath, try logging in as a different user with the appropriate permissions to perform the action you are trying to take.
  3. Check the Orchestrator roles: Check that the Orchestrator roles have been set up correctly and that your user account has been assigned the correct role to perform the action you are trying to take.
  4. Buy license!



In the process …go to manage packages and update the mails package to latest version

also in orchestrator feed you have to ask your admin to add the new packages feed if not already added


Hi @Anil_G,

I updated the latest version for Mail.Activities

And The Orchestrator Host in Manage Packages was checked.

Chinh Le

Looks like it worked but connection to mail is not included

Hi @Tuannna1,

Thank you for the answer. But I just used community license and build a sample workflow. I don’t think it is licensing problem!

Chinh Le

Same you