Failed to load Chart.js in Custom HTML Control APPs

Hello community

I’m experiencing wierd behavior from the custom html control when trying to work with chart js. Yesterday everything was working fine, but today this error pops. I’m not very familiar with this kind of topics so I’ll be glad if someone could provide some clarity on why this is happening.

From my previous research I’ve found that one of these could be the problem

Possible Reasons for the Error:

  1. Incorrect URL: The URL provided might be incorrect or mistyped.
  2. Resource Unavailable: The external resource (in this case, the Chart.js library hosted on jsDelivr) might be temporarily unavailable.
  3. Network Issues: There could be network connectivity issues that prevent accessing the external resource.
  4. Security Restrictions: The environment (UiPath Apps) might have security restrictions that prevent loading external scripts.
  5. CDN Issues: The Content Delivery Network (CDN) itself might be facing issues.

Has UiPath change their security restrictions or maybe is a temporarly disablement from chat.js or jsDelivr?

Hopefully someone can help me with this, thank you.

Is this a bug @udit.chandna ? Because every app which uses charts with chart.js has the same error, and I haven’t made any changes

It’s woking fine now, with no changes made. Don’t know the reason of the error

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