Failed to install package from Robot tray if the version of process is updated

Background : High availability architecture with 2 orchestrator nodes and 2 robots in production environment and robots are connected using LB orchestrator url.
Load Balancer Name : F5
Orchestrator version : 2019.4.3

To reproduce issue :
1.Create a new process and publish to orchestrator - work fine
2.Process displayed in robot tray as expected
3.Download the process- will work fine
4–> Publish the same process again with different version ( 1.0.2)
5.Process displayed in robot tray as expected with new version
6. Try installing / downloading this process–> It will be failed instantly with message box “Failed to install package”

More details : if the robots are connected to orchestrator directly with server url instead of load balancer url - it will work as expected . LB logs looks fine