Failed to Extract text from dialog in Chrome Browser

My project team is working on an RPA project and facing a situation that needs to extract the message and click the button on dialogue in chrome.

We have installed an extension on chrome and used UI Explorer to test for indicating the selector in the web page.

My Testing Web Page
TestDialog.html|attachment (245 Bytes)

In my attachments, it shows that some elements of my testing web page are indicated. However, it can’t indicate any elements in the dialogue of chrome.

In my working project, I need to handle consequent dialogue, it is hard to use image processing to extract the message in dialogue and click the button to proceed. Please advise.

Chrome Version
88.0.4324.190 (Official Build) (64-bit)

UiPath Studio Version:

Have you tested to press F4 to change the UI Framework? Maybe Active Accessibility (AA) works better in your case.


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Please update the UIAutomation.Activities package to 20.10.9 in which we’ve added Chrome pop-up support. Everything should be working fine after the package upgrade.


Thanks for your reply. I tried your solution today, but also failed to extract the selector.

Thanks for your reply. As your suggestion, I have upgraded the UIAutomation.Activities package to 20.10.9. It can get selector as below screen.

However, I can’t change any property value of every activity in UiPath Studio anymore. Screen was hang after I typed any character in the textbox. The studio is not worked as usual.

If I downgrade the package to my last version, other activities are also crashed.

The first problem is very very strange. So you have updated to UIA 20.10.9 and then the writeline is no longer responsive and Studio freezes?

UiPath [Studio] 2018.4.1
UIA 20.10.9
What version of System activities?

Yes, the UiPath studio is frozen after updated to UIA 20.10.9.

System activity is 18.3.6864.20561.

For your information, my existing flow was in production for IE 1 year already. Since IE is EOL now, we need to change the flow to run in Chrome now.

However, I worry that many activities will be not worked anymore if I follow your instruction to upgrade some system package, then my team may need to spend so much time to revamp and test.

If I’m not mistaken, your plan is to migrate your selectors and open browser activities, such that will run on Chrome, while staying on 18.4.x (Studio, Robot, activities).
Imo, this strategy may not be the best since:

  • 18.4.x is going to be out of support end of 2021: Product Lifecycle
  • migrating an automation from IE to Chrome/Edge needs thorough testing anyway. The Chromium based browsers renders differently the applications than IE. For example, the pop-ups/alerts have different implementations for IE vs Chromium, so selectors are completely different.

Now, to your point, I’ve tested the same scenario: installed Studio 18.4 which came with default UiPath.System.Activities 18.4.2 and UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities 18.4.7 as default. Then, I’ve updated to UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities 20.10.9 and my workflow remained intact, working properly.