Failed to detect Ui Element in IE when running as another user after upgrade

Recently I get my studio upgraded from 2018.3 to 2019.10. After that, one of my existing processes failed to work as the robot failed to detect the Ui Element of a website inside an IE explorer. When I try to relocate the Ui Element in the Studio, it shows that it can only identify a large blue screen cover the whole IE content area.

Environment and Workflow Details:

  • The IE explorer is opened using “run as” command using user account different from the window login account
  • The UiPath Studio and UiPath Agent is opened under “run as administrator”
  • Enabled 64-bit processes for Enhanced Protected Mode
  • Disabled Enhanced Protected Mode
  • Enabled “Prompt for username and password in local intranet zone IE”
  • Have tried restarting the robot and the host