Failed to create a "WaitForReady"?

Hi - having a validation issue on a sequence after having not changed any of the wait for ready properties, just happened suddenly. I am getting the following error:

Error ERROR System.Xaml.XamlObjectWriterException: Failed to create a ‘WaitForReady’ from the text ‘[WaitForReady.COMPLETE]’. —> System.FormatException: [WaitForReady.COMPLETE] is not a valid value for WaitForReady. —> System.ArgumentException: Requested value ‘[WaitForReady.COMPLETE]’ was not found.

But I don’t have any “wait for ready” properties set to complete within the sequence and it isn’t pointing to any activities? has anyone seen this before? :frowning:

@georgina.van.der.mer If it’s not a runtime issue can you show us Validation Issue is on what Sequence?, If you are able to find that we can narrow down the Activity. If possible Shae the xaml.