Failed to create a 'OutArgument' from the text ''.' Line number '1' and line position

Hi all,

I’m running into this problem and can’t open my main xaml. The output in Studio is:

‘Failed to create a ‘OutArgument’ from the text ‘’.’ Line number ‘1’ and line position ‘84’. Row: 1, Column: 84

The full log is attached.
How can I recover this project?

error.txt (7.4 KB)

Hi @Byte,

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Check this post,

Hi, thanks for the welcome! :smile:

I’ve seen that post, but the only two instances of x:Property in my xaml aren’t x:String, and even if I remove them, I still have the same error.

There’s no way I can remove all “OutArgument” references, there’s a whole lot of them in this file.


No issues with string Argument Type, if you have used some special datatype out argument, then check those alone by removing one by one.

Else share your Out Argument part alone, I will try from my end.

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Got it!!

Thank you so much for pointing me the right way!
For some reason that eludes me, I had two of these:

<x:Property Name=“somename” Type=“OutArgument(x:sometype)” />

They were also referenced in the first line of the xaml, in the <Activity>, like this:


After removing the two x:Property entries, and the references in the <Activity> line, everything is fine!


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