Failed read range ####

hello everyone, I’m reading a spreadsheet from a system, but I can’t capture one of the columns because it comes with ##### is there a way for me to correct this by the robot itself? I’ve already tried using presset format and write cell to apply number formulas.


read without headers

and rename the column which is having different format


@Lucas_Marte - When you say “can’t capture the column”, do you mean there’s an error message showing up or the activity succeeds but there column is missing from the generated datatable?

Hi @Lucas_Marte

If you have the fixed column names,
and then use Assign activity and write as below

DT.Columns(0).ColumnName = “newColumnName”

Hope this may help you


unfortunately that’s not it, I can read the entire worksheet but I’ll give an example Name,Number,Address value = Lucas, ####, 1234 the value comes #### but in the file it comes normal

Hi @Lucas_Marte

Try using Autofit Range to adjust the column width by below process:

Excel Process Scope=> Use Excel File=> Auto Fit Range

After that you can use Read Range excel activity or Read Range WorkBook to read the excel and store the data into a Data Table.

Hope it helps!!

Hi @Lucas_Marte

Use Autofit Range activity

Hi @Lucas_Marte

When the rows are in closest position some of the values will show like #### this type. But when we read the excel by bot it will give the correct value.
If you want to see the value of it in excel do autofit for it.
We can do Autofit by using activities.
=> Take Excel process scope activity Inside of this Insert the Use excel file activity.
=> In Use excel file activity pass the excel file path.
=> Inside Use excel file activity insert the Auto fit range.

Note - The Autofit range activity is the modern excel activity we have to use this activity inside the use excel file activity only.

Hope it helps!!


Use a workbook read range and try…and dont use preserve format

Also if using read range use raw value…and not display value