Failed opening the excel file - file is opened mannualy correct

Does anyone have an idea why I’m getting this error while trying to open an excel file?


I have permission to open the file, the file is not corrupt etc.


Use Kill process in the process mention like this “Excel”

Try this and let me know


Hi @Olivera_Kalinic,

If this excel is under the C folder, try to open it manually with the same user once again.

Print the data block you wrote in the filepath field to output and check if you can reach excel directly with that output.

Test it by adding Excel kill before it.


Hello @Olivera_Kalinic

Instead of providing the path by joining string, can you try by hard code the full path in double quotes and check it once. Or you can browse the file and select it.

If its working then you need to cross check the path which you have provided.

If still not working, try to copy the content to an another execl and try opening that.


Can you try with ReadRange?
Another “solution”, tries to define the path in a variable.


Are you using Read Range activity from Excel or Workbook? Bc that error shows up for me when I used Read Range/Write Range that belong to Workbook. It works after I change activity to the 1 that belongs to Excel.