Failed on UpdateWorkItem process every time

i am facing issue on UpdateWorkItem page. it was taking long time to click on Update work item and once updated status and comments section it went to work items after that there is no response at all and it got strucked in every time. and

Any solution for this guys.


You can use multiple approaches to ensure that “Update work item” button is clicked as expected:

  1. Using anchor base
  2. using attach window
  3. unit testing this activity in sepate squence.
  4. if you follow step 3 correctly for every step thats troubling you, you will be able to sort errors after performing update status and comments sections.

As per what I see, you are using a loop to travel back to the work items page and do the same process for next record, I guess, its the selector issue and you can use step 3 mentioned by me and acknowledge where exactly is the selector elements dynamic. You can then use " * " to make sure the dynamic part is taken care of.