Fail to disable trigger on Orchestrator

I have installed Orchestrator Enterprise(2019.10) on server
I create Trigger scheduled with every 15 minutes.

When I try to disable Trigger, it shows error message
“Could not delete Quartz job”

And I check the log in Event Viewer, it shows
“UiPath.Orchestrator.Core.Exceptions.LocalizedException: Error code - 1005, Mesage - ‘Could not delete Quartz job.’”

Any ideas why it occurs? And how to resolve it?

License type: Trail

Version: 2019.10.16

Does the user you are logged in with have a role with the required permissions to delete a trigger? I believe without the permissions to delete a trigger, the option should just be grayed out so it may be something else.

As you are using a trial, I would suggest reaching out to Technical Support.