FAIL: First attempt with real automation project | system crashes

I was trying to put my learnings to some good use - started a real-world automation project: Fail.
The issue: When I try to identify on the screen, where the “click” or “type into” activity should take place, the application that I want to use, crashes.
StudioX is searchiung for quite some time and eventually, the other application just crashes.
The other application is a database software called “Integrity”.

Any suggestion?
Regards, Ulrich

you can try if there is another behaviour when StudioX is executed as Administrator. Also you can try if the app crashes when the selector is taken under the studio profile.

Also important is to know on which tech stack (webapp / windows app / oracle forms ) the app is based on.

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Peter - you mean “administrator on my laptop”? Not possible, I’m afraid…
Did try to run in Studio (vs StudioX) but that didn’t help.

How do I find out the"tech stack" (lacking proper words; say: what the program is based on) of this other application (btw, it’s now called “Windchill”, was “PTC Integrity” before)? I’m just a user of it and would like to automate some tasks