Facing the error as 'Option Strict On disallows implicit conversions from String to Integer' while getting the value through column name

Hi All,

In my workflow , i am facing the error in firstName=row(“First”).ToString and it got resolve if i use like this firstName=row(0).ToString but my main issue is that i need to get the value through column name. is there any solution for this ? please help …

PFA… Test1.zip (11.0 KB)

Hi @maxxmuthu,

Try using row.item(0).toString



Here, First is the column header or not ?

Try like this: row(“ColumnName”).Tostring


First is the column header name


is it possible to use ‘column name’ in my workflow instead of row.item(0).toString ?


Is firstName variable is of type string or not ?


firstName variable type is string.