Facing selectors' issue in Arcserve Installation

I am trying to do some kind of automation of Arcserve Installation, but not able to find the selectors of each field. Basically, I am getting selectors only on root level not the tree level. For example, Below is the first page on which I am trying to select Install, but not able to do so. Let me know if I can try something to make this automation possible.

Arcserve Installation


while Select the Selectors try to use different UiFramework (Default or AA) by pressing F4 key which will help you to select tree node.
Or else try with Select Region.


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We can make this happen in multiple ways

  1. Let’s try with simple way of CLICK activity
    Where try with different UiFramework methods

For that first open UI explorer and click on UIFramework option and try with these three one by one by indicating the element
If you were able to indicate it the use the same method for the rest mod activities
Each one does different thing

  • Default – UiPath proprietary method. Usually works fine with all types of user interfaces.
  • Active Accessibility – an earlier solution from Microsoft for making apps accessible. It is recommended that you use this option with legacy software, when the Default one does not work.
  • UI Automation – the improved accessibility model from Microsoft. It is recommended that you use this option with newer apps, when the Default one does not work.
    Click here to read more about Active Accessibility and UI Automation.
  1. Next method if the above one still doesn’t work
    Use SEND HOT KEY activity where use this activity for number of times with tab as key
    Until it reaches the field or button we want
    It’s more like using keyboard without mouse
    That will work for sure

  2. Try with CV activities
    It is reliable in case of image element or non accessible elements
    For more details

Pls try all these methods and let know for any further queries
Cheers @jyoti.bora

sometimes recording works if uiexploer doesn’t.

Could you try using recording and let see does it available to identify it?