Facing SelectorNotFoundException in Automatic Recording with Basic and Desktop

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Issue “SelectorNotFoundException” found during Automatic Recording with Basic and Desktop. Followed given link: https://studio.uipath.com/v2017.1/docs/example-of-automatic-recording-with-basic-and-desktop.

And have cross checked Selector already mention in Editable Text’s Properties. But still facing kinda issue.

Hello @mjworks774,
Try to creating selector using ‘Attach to Live element’ and configure it by opening UIExplorer if needed.

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Thanks Navneet !!!

Hey @mjworks774,

Is your issue resolved by the solution I provided? If yes, then will you please mark my post as ‘Solution’ :slight_smile:

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It works :slight_smile: but still m not able to see any font change !!! When i start building from the scratch so m getting below popup


Also i followed the link: I am getting a 'Do you want to use an anchor" popup while clicking to element so unable to understand so can you please explain in simple words that helps.

I am new to this :slight_smile:


It generally pops up when there is no reliable selector for that particular element. However in such cases you can use UiExplorer and found a reliable selector yourself.

Also in such cases recorder uses Anchor Base activity

This activity consists of two activities. Left hand side activity finds an element and right hand side activity performs an action like type, get text etc relative to the element that has found on left hand side