Facing issues with Google Chrome Dev Tool


I want to type within the Google Chrome Dev Tool Network Section.

Try with send hot keys with key tab or any relevant key that will take us to that field
Like how we do only with keyboard and not mouse as that application must have an option like that for sure

So in that use SEND HOT KEY activity with relevant key, probably tab key
Then once after reaching the field use a simple type into activity without any selector chosen (only input string)
So that it would type there

Or we can choose normal type into with selector used for selecting the element,

and enable simulate type property in the property panel of type into activity

Cheers @omprasad

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Hi @Palaniyappan

It Didn’t work buddy.

i tried send hot key-Enter
Then Type into.
But Manually it Works Buddy.

If it works for you,can U Please send me the workflow.


May I know what where the keys used manually and used with uipath
Kindly check once whether same keys were used
Because if we are able to do that manually then the bot would surely do that

And disable send window message property in send hot key activity if enabled
And also the send window message or simulate type property in the type into activity should be disabled

Also use same n number of keys which was used while manually that is if we are using three tab keys to get to that field then use three send hot key activity with tab as key
And then use type into with string input without any selector or property enabled

Cheers @omprasad

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Hi @Palaniyappan

Thanks For Your Reply

I’m Attaching A link For Your Reference
Kindly Look into This.


I want To Try This Type Of steps