Facing issues in RDP Automation

we have automated RDP automation using image and keystroke activates. frequently image exist getting failed. we have verified the selector and given enough time before and after loading image but still frequently facing the issue. please let us know what may causing the issue and please let us know the best way of automating RDP automation.

How about Computer Vision…is it separate license needed/cost involved for using Computer Vision?


Is the resolution on the server where the robot runs the same as where you develop? This can be configured in robot settings in Orchestrator. This is a common issue for image recognition.

Computer Vision is included and the API-key is found in Orchestrator here:

In Comunity version it is limited to 30megapixels/min and in Enterprise 240, so there are some speed difference. In my experience Computer Vision is more convenient than using “Click Image” etc when automating a processes and not just few clicks.

If you have the possibility to install Uipath Remote Runtime on the remote machine then that is always the best option. With this plugin the UI-automation will be like any desktop application(native), but you need to find some work-arounds for file management etc.