Facing issue with automating the High SOD report extraction in NWBC portal

Hello guyz,

I am trying to automate HIGH SOD users from ‘User analysis’ option in NWBC.
I have used ‘setText’ option to enter the system name as input. The code runs for 2-3 times but then it stops picking up the system name which I have given as input. The selector of setText is as follows :


I have given them as * because the window name and control id keeps changing.

This is the main window activity :

First activity is working everytime. But second activity ‘setText’ doesnot work everytime.
Please suggest the way forward

If you see , your selector is not only for the box where you want to enter value , it is for whole page .
Web ctrl Id - you just give the value , don’t put * there.
In tittle ,you can put * .

Thanks for the reply but after doing what you said, i am getting this error :


Webctrl id is changing , so don’t put only “" or UI element of webctrl id , make it dynamic.
For example , webctrl id will be changing each time you are using set text .
“Wd1fb9” is some value/id , or any number that you are having , than you can pass it there .
If you are seeing any pattern of change in webctrl id , just for example like WD2fc10 , than u can use it like "wd

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