Facing issue with AI Center

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We are facing issue while deploying ml package

Error is
Non retryable error occurred while deploying mlskill: DU_Skill_v2, reason: FileNotFoundError:
File /microservice/models/default/model.p is missing this can be caused by a missing file in the ML Package you uploaded or because model needs to be retrained before being deployed.



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I got that error, not long back, when I used a ML model from out of the box package and directly published without training it.

There are a few post on the forum for the error but only one has a solution. I am sure you have gone through them.

Are you using the generic ML model from Out of the Box package?

If so, you need to retrain the model to get the ML model incorporate settings that are specific to your project. This training generates the set of files that are considered as the ml model configuration for one project.

you may provide more information on the ML skill you are using and how have you incorporated it.

I also suggest you to retrain after updating the packages, as that would eliminate any error from old/depreciated/error-prone packages

Also, if it is related to Document Understanding then I think the master @Lahiru.Fernando can advise something.

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error states a file is missing, check in the package, if that file exists

Hello bro @Palaniyappan

This error occur when you try to publish the Skill before training the package as explained by @rahulsharma

Some models do allow publishing without training, however the others do not.

May i know which model you are trying to deploy?


Thanks @Lahiru.Fernando and @rahulsharma .

I understood the issue. Actually yes it is correct i was trying to deploy the model without training it and as @Lahiru.Fernando mentioned there are few model that can be deployed without training but the one which i m using on my on prem air gapped setup is Document Understanding model out of box and requires custom training s mentioned in docs

I just one more question. I had requirement of reading and fetching parameters from german invoices. Is there any model which is pre training and need just few fine unning for german invoices or wehave to use this out of the box Document Understanding location : (ML Packages/Out of the box Packages/UiPath Document Understanding)

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Hey @Abhinavpandey

Sorry for the late reply. I was on a short vacation since last Friday. I did not have proper connectivity to check your question…

Yes, there are pre-trained models that work for the german language… Have a look here…