Facing issue while download and install the community version of uipath

i coundt able to download the community version of uipath. and also getting some error while installing the same. kindly please help me on this

Hi @sowmiyas ! Welcome to UiPath Community :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

To download UiPath Sudio Community, did you create an account here ?
Once you create your account and validate your mail address, you will arrive at this home page:

Then you have to click on Download UiPath Studio.
Then you make the file run (with admin rights), then when having to choose the profile, click on UiPath Studio:

When exactly did your problem appear, and what is the error message ?
Let us know so we help better :grin:

@Hiba_B Thanks for the immediate response. my error got resolved and i have installed uipath. Thank you!!!

That’s great !! Don’t forget to mark your topic as solved so we can focus on unresolved ones :wink:

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