Facing issue in Bizagi UiPath integration

I am facing a below issue while connecting UiPath with Bizagi :

  1. I have publish the process on Orchestrator and when I am trying to execute a process through Assistant then it is working fine but when I am trying to do the same thing through jobs from orchestrator then it is showing in “Pending” status.
  2. When I am trying to call the UiPath process from Bizagi, it is not working and process gets stuck in that activity.

Could anyone please help me to resolve this issue?
Any Assistance would be appreciated.

If you have an Attended Robot, you cannot run it in Unattended mode.

Please check your Robot type and change it to type Unattended and try again.


I have unattended Robot. And one more issue is that when I am executing the process from Assistant the type is “RPA Developer Pro” and when I am doing the same from Orchestrator the Type is “Development”.

I have attached the screenshots of both cases.

Is there something that limits you from changing the Robot to Unattended and giving this a shot?
Running a job from Orchestrator is not the same as running a process from Studio. In studio you are running a process. In Orchestrator a process is assigned to be run as a job.


I am using community plan and also I am not able to assign robot to the machine. Few robots are added by default and not able to add or edit. I have permission to add only Process, and Package.

Your admin must be able to do this for you if you aren’t able to.

However your community edition comes with only one unattended bot. And if that bot has been assigned to another machine, you might have to consider doing the following. And these solutions depend on your actual work conditions:

As you are confident that your attended automation is working, check with your admin to see if your automation can be deployed to that unattended machine.

And then you can schedule a job on that unattended bot to test your automation.

The other way is:
Set up another community instance as a test environment. Assign your machine to it as an Unattended Robot. Deploy and execute your automation as unattended.