Facing issue in Assignment -2 Performer

Hi, I am facing an issue performer for Assignment 2. Where we download the report the robo is taking 2-3 min to download and check the report. And in the TaxID it’s putting the same TaxID. Can anyone help.


Change Wait for ready from Interactive to None for those activities.

@lakshman For those activity which activity bro, Many activity are there.

And one more it’s taking the same TaxID like if first insert the 12345 again inserting the same for all months.


The activities which are used for entering tax ID, month and year selected and also click button for download report.

Yes, we have do this only here. For each Tax ID, we have to download reports from every month and merge all these data.

@lakshman Can you explain me what does they like None, Interactive, Complete


None - Does not wait for anything except the target UI element to exist before executing the action. For example, you can use this option if you want to retrieve just text from a web page or click a particular button, without having to wait for all UI elements to load. Note that this may have unwanted consequences if the button relies on elements which are not yet loaded, such as scripts.
Interactive/Complete - Waits all of the UI elements in the target app to exist before actually executing the action.
To assess if an application is in the Interactive or Complete state

set wait for ready to none and use simulate clicks and simulate type for those activities. for enter the another tax id ; after you complete the first item you have to increase the transaction no by 1.

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