Facing error at the completion of all transactions. please help me out in solving this

i have completed update work items of all the transactions . but at the end facing this error. rather then it will end the workflow

As error says INDEX OUT OF BOUND
Try changing if condition.
in_TransactionNumber < dt_Workitem.Count

the variable in_TransactionNumber value should be less the count value of dt_WorkItems variable
kindly check that once and ensure that in_TransactionNumber value starts from 0 as default value

Cheers @Muhammad_Jahangir

Hi , the Logic in IF condition seems to be wrong
Please use another logic of If

as Transaction Item is Not Nothing

dear @vinay_reddy where to place new logic .please explain.

dear @Rocki_Jan its not working and now showing this

From the Locals i can see that the In_TransactionNumber variable value is 18
Total how many transactions you got in the Queue? / How many rows you iterating from the DT ?

dear @Palaniyappan

check this brother

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in the if condition already present mention like this
in_TransactionNumber < dt_WorkItems.Count
remove the <= and mention as <

thats the reason this error is occuring
Cheers @Muhammad_Jahangir

dear @vinay_reddy previously my data is showing 18 rows, now i reset the data . when i change in_TransactionNumber <dt_WorkItems.Count like this then it will show error of no of rows is 0 and ending process i mention screen shot in @Rocki_Jan reply.
i’m very thankful and feeling blessed because you senior guys give me time

@Palaniyappan i change but showing error.

@vinay_reddy @Palaniyappan @Rocki_Jan

acme site show this.
what is it mean

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this implies that you have passed the first assignment
and second assignment is yet to pass as no items got updated with the inputs
we need to validate that second assignment

Cheers @Muhammad_Jahangir

@Palaniyappan dear my main file is stuck after completing the transactions. how to remove this. this is why i create this thread

Hi ,Can you please attach your workflow here , so that can verify and give you suggestion
Thank you

dear @vinay_reddy sorry brother i can’t share

may i know why that stuch happens
any error or the issue that we are facing now (index out of bound)
Cheers @Muhammad_Jahangir

tell me brother how to solve this.

Hi , If you cannot send the workflow part , pls provide screenshots as the least option to look into the code , as need to understand the workflow

Thanks a lot @Palaniyappan @vinay_reddy @Rocki_Jan for your help . i solve my issue. this is the answer. stay blessed all of you.:blush::blush: