Facing Challenge in excel

Hello RPA Stars,

I am facing below issue and expecting a solution from your end.

There is an excel say Excel1 which get opened at run time from an application using UIPath Bot.

Now I have to read data from Excel2 which is having same set of column alike Excel1 and paste data into Excel2.

Once this complete, I have to push this data to my application (this is Oracle cloud in case of mine).
If anyone has come across such problem and have the solution, as we have to deliver couple of BOTS with the same functionality to our client.

Looking for positive reply.

Thanks in advance,

What exactly the problem you are facing ?

I am looking for a solution where we can handle copy pasting of data from Excel1 to Excel2 where Excel2 is already opened.

Refer this workflow. It might help you.
tyest1.xaml (8.6 KB)