Facing an issue to merge 2 Data tables

Hi All, I am reading Data from 2 work sheets i.es Hold & Fees details which i am storing in 2 Data tables, i.es io_Hold, io_Fees,

Hold Data table contains the column’s Accno, Date, Value & Hold, Fees Data table contains the columns Accno, Date, Value2, Fees

I need to join 2 data tables i.es io_Hold & io_Fees based on the Account number which is common in 2 data tables ,

IF Account number is same then I need to extract the columns as below fields like Accno, Date, Hold, Fees
My output data table should contains the records count of 595 because Total fees data table contains
Output Data table
Accno Date Hold Fees
5070 12/23/2016 585.00 37
4099 12/23/2016 2,697,500 185

Output_1.xlsx (28.5 KB)