Facing an issue- No condition defined while using Start Process

Hello team,

I am facing an issue while using Start Process activity. Actually I have a need that user will select option from input dialog based on input selection bot has to execute that respectively. I’ll elaborate the need here.
It user selects “ABC” from input dialog dropdown then I should open respective video named with ABC from the project folder. Like that i have to implement for multiple inputs from dropdown. Please help with the need.

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Please help on the issues, I have logged 4 issues in the blog but none of them were replied.

@sk.mansoorali618 - the start process activity is used to start a a specific application and optionally pass arguments to it. For example, you can use this to start a video player application, then in the arguments you may wish to pass the filepath for the specific video you are wishing to play.

Based on your situation you now have a user-selected string variable named “ABC” - it is up to you what you do with that variable. so you can have an if statement that says: If training_videos = “ABC” then (do true action here) else (do false action here).

Which part specifically are you having trouble with?

Thank you for your response.

I have attached jpg of my use case. I know my question looks dumb but I’m a beginner to this RPA tool so I need help to continue with. Just go thru the image attached.
End users are provided only to read the ppt/watch the videos but they don’t provide provision to download those files. This is the requirement. since we have multiple options in the dropdown - which activity is better to use eg. Switch/for each/if conditions.
Appreciated if you reply to this query.

I would use a switch statement for the dropdown piece. In your switch you only need a single assign activity. Condition1 = PPT1 = assign VideoURL = YourGoogleDriveURLForThisVideo

Then after the switch you would just navigate to the VideoURL variable you just created in the switch statement.

However, it seems like you are making production processes for a company, but you yourself stated you’re a beginner to this RPA tool. At the forums we are here to help, but we are not here to fully do your job for you. It seems like you need to learn a bit more about uipath, how the software works, and how to build robots to automate processes. I highly suggest you complete the uipath developer training (and preferably the advanced developer training too) before you continue working on a process that will be going into production

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