Faced error when opening main workflow after creating new process

Hi Friends,

Am Nanda, when using UiPath studio Initially faced error that SHcore.dll missing. Then tried to manage the error by reinstalling the SHcore.dll file. Again, faced error while click on Open Main Workflow after creating a process. Help on this to fix it.

Hi @Nanda_Gopal
Go to manage package and update Uipath.studio.plugin


Hi @Gokul001 Thanks for the response.

Have added the entire folder in user defined package but still facing error included screen shot below.

Actually, I got 2 errors

  1. SHcore.dll could not be found
  2. UiPath Plugin

When using 2021 version faced 2nd error alone but in 2022 version studio faced both errors.

Hello @Nanda_Gopal

Are you using a laptop with some restrictions? Did you tried creating a new project and see whether error is still happening or not? Restart the studio as well after the update.


Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan Thanks for your response.

Am using desktop and there is no restrictions. On creating new project dependencies are loading successfully, after click on open workflow (screen shot 1) pop-up error shown. In alternate tried to create a new sequence & faced (screen shot 2).

Screen shot 1:

Screen shot 2:

Are you clicking on the Open Main Workflow button?

Try to open the Main.xaml from the Project panel and try to create a new Sequence file and open that as well.


Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan Thanks for your response. Able to open the existing project via Main.xaml & also to create sequence even though the error pop-up came. But doesn’t work for new project.


At the top you can see one message ryt to convert to windows. Plz click on that that.


Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan Thanks for the response. Have converted the project to windows after that unable to open the main.xaml file faced the same error.

Now re-installed the 2021 studio and able to run & create new sequence only via existing project not via new project faced below error. Any idea.

So, if you open an existing project is it opening without any exception?


Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan yeah opened without any exception for existing project.