Facebook Page Automation

HI All ,

Is there way to do Facebook page automation.
What I am looking at is as below.

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. Open a Page
  3. Get the details for the post been done in that page.
    Includes The Post time,Caption of the post , Image if any ?

I their Data Scraping , However it does not help as not able to mention the corelated element.

Can anyone help ?
Thanks in advance…

Have you any experience with Python? There is Facebook library for that which allows you to get data with many examples online.


You could integrate it with UiPath using the InvokePython activity

@ bharathrao77 hi,

i did dome facebook automations and the problem is you will work with dynamic elements all time even when you get tables.

See this video i found in youtube will help you, becouse if you whant to learn you must practice.

Dynamic Selectors In UiPath Rpa Part-1

And see this blog to : https://kbtutorials.blogspot.com/search/label/uipath%20tutorials

All that its possible.