Face issues while Reading selective data from a complex excel

ReadExcel.xaml (13.3 KB)

Row 25 has the headers for the Line items.

I want to fetch specific 3 columns data.(highlighted in pink) How do i achieve that?
Attached xaml gives me error
“Add data row : Type of value has a mismatch with column typeCouldn’t store <System.Object> in Item Column. Expected type is GenericValue.”,

can i have the input excel


I don’t know your exact requirement but you are getting this error due to the following reason:

You have used Read Column activity to read the values of these three particular columns, each activity would return Object array.
You have passed output of read column in Add Data Row activity which expects input as
{Generic, Int32, Int32}
because of column type defined in Build DataTable and input you are giving is

If you wants to add column values in your data table then you can use a loop to iterate values present in Object.

See my excel contains Order data.
So top part of excel contains header, which i have retrieved each cell by using Read cell.

But to retrieve line items, it needs to be dynamic as an Order can have 10 lines or 150 lines.
So what i want is to retrieve line items info. So for line info, header is at 25 th row.

I want to retrieve data from column E26 till end
I want to retrieve data from column L26 till end
I want to retrieve data from column M26 till end

So how do i make my bot understand that 25 th row in the header for line and retrieve data for rest.