F1 - Help Documentation for Custom activities

Hi Team,

When i hit F1 key on the inbuilt activities like “Write Line”, it opens the online documentation for Write Line

This is really helpful to understand about the activity, arguments, possible errors etc.

With the growing list of custom packages in Gallery and UiPath Go, it will be helpful to provide developers an option to link their documentation for each custom activity. Currently the F1 key on the custom activities opens the common page

Hi @dineshary

Because it was recently added to Libraries:

I would imagine it is also doable in Custom Activities with some simple code :slight_smile:

I think @DeanMauro should be able to help here :slight_smile:


Use our Visual Studio Activity Creator to build your activities and you’ll see examples for all of these additions. I’m writing supplemental documentation on the anatomy of an activity, so to speak, today.

In short though, you add help links to the DesignerMetadata:
builder.AddCustomAttributes(typeof(StopJob), new HelpKeywordAttribute("https://integrations.uipath.com/docs/upwire-stop-job"));

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Great… i will try it out.


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