Hello, Can somebody please help me create a regex that extracts a class name from a string? the fixed string is “ClassName” and I want to extract the variable string “Class_Triglav” ( in this case).


Hi @tomaz ,

You can easily do it by split action.


Can’t do that because this is just a small segment of a string. Sorry I should mention that in a post above. in realitey string is more like this


Hi @tomaz ,

Try using the Below Regex :


I have try exactley as you sugested but doesnt work for me. Can you see something i did wrong?

@tomaz , The Reason is the Copy Paste of Data.

The " is not the same as "

@tomaz , It should Work when you try to use the Regex in the Workflow :


where InputString variable is your Input text.

Thank You !

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