Extratracting datapoints out of a filename

Hi All, really struggling with this, hopefully, someone can point me in the right direction?

I am looking to get UIPath to watch a folder for when a new folder is added, it will upload it to a contract management system. To upload it correctly, I need the date, name of the company an

When files are dropped, they will always follow this naming convention.

Date_-Company Name-DocType.ext

I am struggling at extracting the data (from a very long file name c:\folder\etc…\uploads\filename) I need into some variables held by the process that can be used later.

Any ideas?

Hy @barryrodick,

You must must use a for loop activity to get a list of files in your target folder

FileList (array of strings) = directory.getfiles(yourfolder)
For each file in FileList
Write line file


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