I want to extract text from pdf. I have converted it into a text file. But the field that i want to extract lies between non static parameters.
for example
Invoice1:ORIGINAL INVOICE Invoice Number Reference Number Invoice Date Customer PO#
1253864 02585 2/12/1999 5465365

Invoice2:ORIGINAL INVOICE Invoice Number Reference Number Invoice Date
1236484 02665 7/8/1999 5568912

I want to extract Invoice date from both the invoices. Is there any general solution?

@KeertiJ Use Regex or split by space than you can get invoice date. Refer for Regex

Only date will have the structure xx/xx/xxxx ? if yes then you can use \d+/\d+/\d+ to get dates in that format.

Thank you,Can you tell me in which activity do you use this?

@KeertiJ Can you attach sample text files

@RobertD no the date format changes.
And the customer po# also has to be extracted.

@indra Sorry,I can’t share it, as it is confidential .I’ll send similar one
New folder.zip (1.1 KB)

Can you please tell me how do i extract $93.5 and $150.5 from the attached files?

@KeertiJ Can you please tell what are the values you needs to extract from the text files?

@indra The amount which i have mentioned. $93.5 and $150.5 from both the files.

Hi @KeertiJ,

Please find the below pattern to map the date as your requirement

@KeertiJ Please check the zip file RegexFromTextFile.zip (12.2 KB)

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@indra Thank you so much. It worked.

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