Extraction of field through screen scrapping - challenging use case

Hi guys,
I have some challenging usecase to solve , can you guys help me to suggest some easier ways is there?
Use Case:

  1. i have customer documents like house documents(Image) which contains customer name .
  2. There are 100 counties(States in country)
    3)In those 100 counties i have different sub documents (for example 12’th marksheet , 10’th marksheet,degree certificates) with customer name in it (in example Students name in those marksheet)
  3. customer name position is dynamic for every various documents. Like sometimes it will be in the middle of paragraphs or Name : and anywhere No key words will be common for all documents
  4. So here the challenge is extraction of customer name from all various documents without using OCR and String manipulation because my organisation was already working in python in same with regex expression in no cost of any license for that.So they are asking me to do this in different way like screen scrapping,anchor base and citrix recording relative scrapping with uipath.

So please give your views of what logic can i use , how can i extract the name which is dynamically changes its position in 100 * 75 Documents.

Thanks in Advance !!!

Hello Sriram07, may I know if you are able to figure out a solution for this dynamic use case? I’ve a similar situation where I need to read certain details from different documents with words spread at different positions?

@Sriram07 Why no OCR? UIPath has OCR activities with no license cost.There are even free OCR engines (like Tesseract) to use outside of UIPath.

@ramawat No i used OCR activities and further string manipulation on expected results.

@Sriram07 - Ok. So is this case closed then? #4 stated no OCR and it sounds like you have solved this issue.

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