Extraction of Data from random Business Cards and writing that data into Excel

Hi All,

I’m stuck at a task where I have to extract data from multiple business cards - Data being: Name, Company Name, Position, Email, Address, Email, website url - and write that data into an excel file. I am able to extract data off one business card but can’t seem to make it work for multiple. I’ve tried for each loop and adjusted the selectors but to no avail. Any help with this will be much appreciated!

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We can get the data from multiple cards with SELECTOR manipulation like change the dynamic attribute values with wild card symbols like *
— so that we would be able to take the similar value from similar places from all the cards

Hope this would help you
Kindly try with that and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @saif.gilani

Hi @Palaniyappan Many Thanks for replying. I have tried selector manipulation and can read and extract data from various business cards, albeit individually, and not from multiples at the same time as my task demands.

To extract data individually, I was using assign, creating a variable and = it to process.start and my respective file path. Then Get OCR text for all the items I wanted to extract.

When trying for multiple I’m using For Each and using Directory.GetFiles then the path for the folder where my business cards are located. I’m attaching my workflow for reference:

For individual cards i was doing this: