Extraction of data capture


What I’m trying to do is capture the phone number of a user so that it is saved in the excel and repeat the automation process, but it does not work, because with the Data Scraping it lets me take at least two captures and I only need one that is the phone number.

If someone could help me with this, I would appreciate it.Captura

Sorry, What do you mean by "two captures "?

I mean, first a capture is taken:

then to save it you have to take a second capture of a similar data:

But what I need is to take a single data capture that is the telephone number and that is extracted in an excel.

Understood. Thanks for more information… Data scraping allows to extract structured information, so it asks for two captures so that it can find a pattern to extract the text.

So please try using “Screen scraping” button instead of “Data scraping”.

More information will be available in below URL

Data scraping:

Screen scraping:

Now I have everything clear, thank you, I will be alerting any questions.

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