Extracting User List from Orchestrator

If you have written a flow to extract the user list (name, role, etc.) from Orchestrator and are open to sharing it with us we’d greatly appreciate it!

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Hi @vuliana

What’ your goal that you’re trying to accomplish with this list?

I am a member of our central RPA Capability Team (like a “COE”, but we don’t call ourselves that). We often send communications to our RPA (UiPath) user base (within our company) and when we send these communications, we are finding we need to manually cut and past user data from the orchestrator to an excel spreadsheet. Seems a little “anti RPA”, and am thinking as a community one of us must have written something already to be able to extract the user list systemically.

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I am also looking for a way to extract all the user iD’s and names from out Orchestrator…

Hi @ZacCoop, @vuliana,

You can use the Orchestrator API to obtain those data with this endpoint:

**OrchestratorURL**/odata/Users?$filter=Type eq 'User'

  • If the users are on the same Tenant/Orchestrator as the bot, you can use Orchestrator HTTP request activity. Endpoint needs to be relative (omitting the OrchestratorURL)

EDIT : Note that this first option would require your bots to have privilege to see users (on the Robot role) as the request is done in the context of the Robot user.

  • If you want to obtain users from another Tenant/Orchestrator, you will need to use the HTTP request activity (from UiPath.Web package) - Requires authentication using Bearer token (many example of it in the Forum)

You have many example on the Forum for the second one.

Let me know if you have any struggle making it work.



@ZacCoop @vuliana

Check out this post for a pre-built solution where you can modify to fit your needs.

@bradsterling @Zoran1983 @ZacCoop

Thank you so much for your quick response Brad - we are going to try this out!

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@bradsterling @Zoran1983 @ZacCoop

Hi Brad - it worked! Thank you again we greatly appreciate your timely response and guideance!

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@vuliana Thank you. Can you please mark my post as a solution so others can find it?

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