Extracting the data from web into excel file

I generated a code by filling a form. When i fill the data in the from and click on submit button I got a popup message. The message it "Code :12345 has been Added Successfully ". I want to update numeric code 12345 in excel file. How can i? Can anyone help please!!

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Mudita123,

1)Use on element exists activity and check for popup appears or not
2)Use Get Text activity to get the text from the popup.
3)Use String manipulation to extract the code “12345” from string
4)Use Write Range activity(inside excel application scope ) to write data into excel.


I did till the get text activity. After that i m not getting actually.
When i did get text and after write range activity. The whole message update in excel and i want the code only. And this code is change with every run activity.

Before writing into excel you have to perform few string operations to retrieve exact numeric code. Try to simulate below actions into your code. this will store the code in SampleText variable.

  1. SampleText = “Code :12345 has been Added Successfully”
  2. SampleText = right(SampleText,(SampleText.Length - (SampleText.IndexOf(":")+1)))
  3. SampleText = left(SampleText,SampleText.IndexOf(" "))