Extracting the data and comparing it

i am extracting the data from web i.e., middle name. this field for some users has data and for some users it does not. i have to compare this data along with first name & last name in other application. so i have used do while condition for this
String.IsNullOrEmpty(Out_MiddleName.ToString). is it right? let me know if there is any other solution for this.

Hi @sneha_arbole ,

How are you capturing data for other app? is it list or data table?

string format using get text.

If it’s a single value then why to use the loop? just use if condition to check middle name contains in other string (get text string) or not.


Hi @sneha_arbole

This condition will check whether the variable out_middleName has any value in it or it is empty
so your validation of whether variable has data or not is fine

But place this is in a normal IF condition once after you are getting data from GET TEXT Activity

so the sequence will be like
–IF ACTIVITY - with the condition you already have
if true it goes to THEN or to ELSE

Cheers @sneha_arbole

i can put multiple condition in single if right?
String.IsNullOrEmpty(Out_MiddleName.ToString) and String.IsNullOrEmpty(Out_LastName.ToString)

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Of course you can

Thank you.

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