Extracting Stock data from web and writing into excel

Need to login to google

I would start by picking a website like yahoo finance or some website dedicated to stock quotes.

Read your data from excel into a data table.
Open a web browser scope.
Within web brower scope do a for each row in data table to read the symbol into a string variable.
Within your for each row in data table, pass the variable into a go to url activity which will search the URL. You can then have it extract the price and write price to your data table. Once you are finished, then you can write your data table back to excel.

For example, if you wanted to search google and apple on yahoo finance. The websites look like this:

H ttps://finance.yahoo.com/quote/goog
H ttps://finance.yahoo.com/quote/ aapl

So if you are passing your stock symbol into a varible called StockSymbolVariable then you could use a go to url activity in which your url is this:

H ttps://finance.yahoo.com/quote/ + StockSymbolVariable

This is cleaner, faster, and more reliable than searching them through the google search bar.