Extracting same type of data by varying excel files

I was thinking of coming up with a way to pull out row data from excel files for later use, but those excel files are varying in column names and column positions, but the data inside rows are almost the same value(name, surname, points etc.), so I don’t know if there is a way to assign columns to variables by the type of data, not by index or name of those columns, or if there are other solutions I’m not coming up with.

Hi @dragan.zecevic !
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What I usually do in this context is to create a correspondence table. And according to the complexity of your files you adapt if.

  • For instance, here is a correspondence table that deals with the maximum of complexity that I encountered (several sheets in the file that has to be taken in account, headers that are not aligned in the same line, different file extensions, priority of the text (H → High B → Low in french). To fill it you have to add more columns:
  • Here is another type of correspondence table that is simpler and that does not deal with all the complexity. To fill it you add more lines: