Extracting product description from Website to excel

Task is to automate extraction of Fresh food items with URL and description of the food items upto 200 characters from Tesco.com website and save it in an excel sheet.

I am able to extract Food names and respective URL using Data scraping but unable to extract individual food description using scraping .I’ve also tried using dynamic selectors.Got struck at extracting the description of the each item by looping through while clicking the URL
Any ideas would be greatful
Thank you

@jeevana.nagothu-ext can you please provide me the exact URL which you are trying to extract?


@jeevana.nagothu-ext , when you extract the Food name get the URL also.

Then run each loop and navigate to the URL. Use Get Text activity to scrap the description.

Here i attached the workflow. Check it
Note: i used for only 10 records.

ForForum.xaml (14.8 KB)

Hope it will help you.



It’s working.Thank you

@jeevana.nagothu-ext, Great it worked. Please mark it for solution.