Extracting PDF Data from Office 365 Attachment

Hi Team,

Kindly note that I’m new to UI Path. Actually my requirement is to extract the PDF Data from the office 365 outlook attachment and then place the extracted data into SQL Server.

I used AI Build from Microsoft but wants to change it to UI Path. Please let me know if the above requirement can be done through UI Path . I can go through Azure as well for UI Path

Hi @Anjith_Kumar welcome to UiPath community.

What you explained is totally doable using UiPath. Let me get this :slight_smile:

  1. First you need to download attachments from outlook mail/outlook application/outlook MS exchange (We have activities for all of this)
  2. Then extract text from Native/Digital PDF or scanned PDF ? (We have PDF activities / DU activities for this)
  3. Run query and push it to DB - Activities are present for this too

You just need to build a workflow and test it out yourself and for a POC community edition can be used. If you want further info you can use the ‘Contact us’ in UiPath website.


Thank You Raghavendra,

Do you have any XAML file for this to show our production team about working of the same.

Thanks in advance

Hey @Anjith_Kumar

I wish I did. I dont have any readymade workflows for the purpose.