Extracting PDF data excel of same element in multiple pages

I am trying to extract PDF data to excel and in the PDF file Employee code, Employee Name etc. elements are repeated in the same page multiple times and also multiple page i want extract all those elements with out indicating the same element several times as the element name is same but the values are different those values need to extract in to excel file like all Employee codes come under one column and all employee names come under one column etc, Refer the image of the PDF data to extract

@Shekar_Ch I guess there are many ways to perform this Extraction but Can you check are you able to use PdftoExcel Activty and Convert it into Excel using it?

Yes we have some activities to extract from PDF to Excel but here my problem is if we look into the PDF in one page i need to extract the Employee code, Employee Name etc which are in different tables many times repeated for every employee in every PDF page and another problem is these elements position slightly change in the other PDF files so how the same xaml file will work for all the PDF’s

Simple way to do this is to read the whole PDF and write them into an excel file and then read excel file and use remove duplicates…