Extracting links from webpage

Hello, I need to see simplefeedreader package and get the information about the links and the Publication Date from the RSS feed. And every Run I should put the informations in addon of an Excel File. The link to get the information about RSS will be the follow.


All can be in Background Mode.
Without Browsing or using Browser. Also Excel should be used in background for this process.

can anyone, Please help me in extracting links and publication date from RSS.

I need to get the output like this…


Can you try to use SyndicationFeed class as the following?

Sample20210819-2.zip (5.2 KB)


No, I have to use simple feed reader only it’s an assignment

How can we run excel and browser in background process


How about the following?

Sample20210819-2v2.zip (2.8 KB)


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Thank you, I will try it once

May i know, how it can to read publication date and RSS feed links to add in the excel


The above sample (Sample2021081902v2.zip) extracts publication date and guid from the feed and write it to excel in background. Can you check the workflow in details?



Yeas I have runned it, but in excel it is displaying the name Pubdate and guid not the values


The following image is result of the sample which I run just now.

Do you mean your result has only header?