Extracting information in a text which couldn't appear or could appear 1 or more time

I’m working on an automation in order to extract information for a text.
I want to extract in the text the word ACAS XX. This word could not appear or could appear one or more time.
Firstly, I want to detect the text. So, I think to do it with Regex or with Substrings.
Secondly, I want to put a “NA” if it doesn’t detect the word ACAS. I think it will work with an if condition.
Moreover, I want to choose the last ACAS XX in the text because this is the most important.
My problem is that I don’t know how to put all this together. Therefore, I need some help. I’ll appreciate it.

Hi @Garcia_Hoyos_Daniel
for checking the word is existing in string or not u can use below condition in if activity


Then if it is true in then condition , use matches activity to match the word in string using regex pattern and save output in collection lets say ‘data’
Now use data.ElementAt(data.Count-1).ToString to retrive the last value

if the condition is false, u can put NA in else condition

Hope it helps you
Nived N
Happy Automation

I’m trying to do what you tell me. However, I think I’m not catching everything. So, can you help me after seeing this images? This is what I’m trying:
I don’t know where to put “data.ElementAt(data.Count-1).ToString” .


Hi @Garcia_Hoyos_Daniel
can u put the assign activity after mathches activity in Then section

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