Extracting HTML table using DataScraping and skipping rows based on column style

I am scraping an HTML table using DataScraping. I need to skip rows which have a column text style as Bold. For example the attached screenshot I need to skip those rows who have Bold text as marked.
Any help is appreciated.


BOT can’t identify bold text and all. After scraping the data and it will give output as DataTable right. Then apply select query or Filter DataTable to filter required data based on any key word in the bold text.


I agree to @lakshman and additional Things needs to be done. I assume that you can refer to the Data for additional Checks.

Give a try If CSS information e.g. classes of bold Formats can be crosschecked e.g as additional Attributes of the uielement. But If its e.g dynamic Set by Javascript then this information ist Not reliable.

A more reliable approach is to make use of the inject js Activity against the text and retrieving the Style information with a custom Javascript function

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Can you show me how to use select query

Can you explain how we inject js activity??


I suggest to keep the names as used in the documentation, so use strict input and element e.g. in the javascript code

Just do seperate RnD and execute yor custom function against a block in bold and one not in bold.

However have an analysis before. If e.g. Bold text can be identified by a wrapping b or strong element. If this is the case the selector/getAttribute approach for identification would be more simple to implement

Hi @ raju_auxiliobitsRobot Master

You can try this for each row

First you need to validate what code give you the bold element in this case we will get H1, you can see this by using UiExplorer:

The use get attribute and insert selector from ui explorer in get atribute:

The run it for test like this:

And then you can use:


Hi hope it helps